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Hygiene paper, hand towel rolls, kitchen rolls, paper towels, cutlery bags, printed cosmetic boxes, serviettes and more


With many years of experience and competence, we are your contact if you trade in hygiene paper and hand towel rolls, kitchen rolls or cutlery bags. But we have also established ourselves in the hotel industry and are a market-leading supplier, for example when you order paper towels at low cost.

As an experienced specialist retailer for printed cosmetic boxes, serviettes, hygiene paper and towel and kitchen rolls, we offer you product quality and customer-oriented service. All paper towels, cutlery bags and towel rolls are available from us from stock, so you don't have to wait and can order an immediate delivery.

Would you like to find out more about our products or find out which prints are suitable? We are happy to advise you and convince you with professional tips, which are available free of charge at our fair product prices.

Advantages for your business: Hygiene products at an affordable price

Are you interested in printed serviettes as advertising material or in your hotel business, in which you place them in the company? Or do you need towel rolls for the large kitchen or for your gastronomy?

In our range of paper towels and hygiene paper you will find the right products for every requirement and taste. You can choose between high-quality cutlery bags with a print, between napkins or cup doilies with your company logo or order all products for hygiene and hospitality from a single source.

Our company MEV Paper GmbH has been manufacturing and personalizing hygiene items for many years and has specialized in quality,that will inspire you and fascinate your guests.

By printing on serviettes, you create individuality and create a recognition value that has a positive effect on your image and sets you apart from the competition in your industry with a unique selling point.

Regardless of whether you need serviettes, cutlery bags or printed cosmetic boxes: With us you can rely on the sustainable quality of the printing substrates as well as on an eye-catching and sustainable imprint.


Since we deliver free of charge for tranches of around 10,000 or more, it is definitely worth ordering in advance. Especially when you host guests or are active in export, larger quantities are an economical and practical decision.

In your kitchen or hotel, towel rolls are a consumable item that needs to be replaced and changed frequently. What could be more obvious than to decide on a larger amount and save on the purchase of paper towels?


MEV Papier GmbH - your contact for high quality hygiene products


Printed napkins or cosmetic boxes are practical and at the same time advertising that you can do for your company.

With printed cutlery pockets you create a recognition value and at the same time ensure maximum hygiene, which guests in the hotel, in the holiday resort or in your guesthouse appreciate receive a personal offer?

Get in contact with us if we can inspire you with printed cosmetic boxes, cutlery bags or serviettes with imprint or individually.

We assure you that you can rely on us for outstanding product quality and that you will receive a print that is included in the purchase price from an edition of ten thousand items.


Thanks to our expertise, modern printing technology and the numerous hygiene products on offer, we have been a supplier to large corporations, hotel chains and entrepreneurs who are active in export and resale for many years.