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Order airlaid napkins, cutlery napkins & printed paper napkins with logo online

Printed napkins with logo and hygiene products are our core business. In our portfolio you will find a large selection of airlaid napkins and paper napkins that you can personalize with a print. When you print napkins, you feel for a unique selling point and a high recognition value.

With know-how and many years of experience, we provide you with guidelines and implement your order to perfection. Like the printed products, our prints are of sustainable quality and longevity.

You can order non-woven napkins for the hotel industry, for the catering trade, flight operations or for your events and belong to every model for printed napkins with a logo.


Our offer  is your advantage with printing napkins


With our assortment we are a trader and reseller. You get fair conditions for airlaid napkins, paper napkins and a print.

Use printed napkins with a logo to secure the advantage of being remembered by customers and customers and to be expected to retain recognition value.

You will find napkins for printing in different colors and designs, so that you can choose your desired design and match the color to your company.

We are happy to produce custom-made products for our clients, with which you can create a personal unique selling point and stand out from the competition in your industry.

You can buy the various products from our range and have them printed not only for your own use or for domestic sales, but also for export.

Due to the large selection of airlaid napkins and paper napkins, it is easy to find the passenger selection according to your own information. For example, if you have different colors in a combination package, you send us and let us know our special request.

Thanks to printed napkins with a logo, you can see, be seen and stand out from the competition.

Since the offer for printing serviettes is possible with us at a very fair price, you do without single-color products that are not assigned to your company. 
A print binds customers, creates memories and is therefore an important stylistic device in your local marketing and in promoting your company.

On-time delivery directly from stock

We have a large number of airlaid and paper napkins in stock in our warehouses. Therefore we can realize your order for the delivery of printed napkins with logo without unnecessary waiting time.

By commissioning the napkin printing, you decide on a stylish personalization, which we will do for you immediately after the order has been placed. From an order of ten thousand airlaid napkins or twenty thousand paper napkins, the print is included.


We are your specialist for promotional napkins that meet high demands in terms of material and print quality. Thanks to the large selection of products, you will find the right napkin for every need, which you can personalize when printing.

As experts, we specialize in handling large order quantities in a short time and delivering printed napkins with logo in a manageable period of time. We usually deliver unprinted napkins within 48 hours.

Our clientele includes many well-known hotel chains and resellers, for whom quality and professional services are paramount.

Contact us by phone or email if you are interested in promotional printed napkins and want to trust a professional supplier. You receive fair conditions, free and inexpensive logistical solutions, a short delivery period and quality products.

In our extensive product portfolio you will find high-quality napkins for all requirements, you can choose between different materials and an enormous selection of colors and designs.

Do you have any special requests? Talk to us specifically and personally.